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Interventions that are necessary for the smooth running of the watch and to offer all other aesthetic controls as optionnal service.

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Even though your Baume & Mercier watch has been manufactured with the greatest care, we recommend you have it regularly serviced by an After-Sales Service Center authorized by Baume & Mercier.   Their skills and expertise, acquired during several years of training, are regularly updated to meet the needs and expectations of our customers as fully as possible. Working in modern workshops equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, our watchmakers are able to service and repair any Baume & Mercier watches currently in the catalog as well as older models, drawing on a stock of original components carefully conserved and augmented over the years. 


Service frequency for your Baume & Mercier watch.

Your Baume & Mercier watch is a high-precision instrument and the greatest care has been taken in its design and production. Composed of numerous components carefully assembled by our deeply committed watchmakers, it deserves the greatest attention to ensure that it continues to work perfectly for many years to come. For maximum reliability and a long working life, we advise you to arrange: 

• a "Battery Service" once every 2 - 6 years (quartz watches only)

• a "Maintenance Service" approximately once every 3  years

• Complete Service (or total overhaul) approximately every 5 years

Please note that the water-resistance of your watch is not permanently guaranteed. The seals that ensure its water-resistance can be physically degraded by regular use of the winding crown, by shocks, and by other factors including perspiration, use of cosmetics and even changes in temperature. As recommended in the User Guide, we encourage you to have the water-resistance of your Baume & Mercier watch checked by an authorized After-Sales Service Center or by your local Baume & Mercier retailer. 

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To obtain an estimate for a repair, or to arrange another operation, please take the watch to your Baume & Mercier retailer or an authorized After-Sales Service Center. If the timepiece is still under warranty, please take the fully completed international warranty card with you.

When your watch is received, it will be carefully examined by a watchmaker who will make a diagnosis:

• Acknowledge the customer's request

• Assess appearance and functions

• Check the air-tightness

• Case back opening

• Verify the cleanliness and lubrication of the movement

• Check the movement:

    - Quartz: electric checks (running, energy consumption, lower functional limit)

    - Mechanical/automatic: demagnetization, running check and amplitude at 0.00

Depending on the watchmaker's diagnosis, different types of service may be proposed.


Following the diagnosis, a Fast Service may be proposed. It will generally involve changing the battery of a quartz watch or correcting the movement of an automatic watch. The watch does not need to be completely dismantled. The service will be supervised by one of our qualified watchmakers who will: 

• Open the case back of watch

• Replace the battery in a quartz watch

• Correct the movement of an automatic watch

• Check the movement

• Change the case back seal

• Close the case back

• Check water-resistance

• Make a final functional and aesthetic check

Please note that a change of battery is recommended every every 2 - 6 years (only for quartz watches)

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Polishing Service: the purpose is to restore the shine to a watch, returning it close to its original condition after it has been worn on the wrist for some time. Since this operation involves dismantling parts of your watch such as the crystal, the bracelet and the movement, it must be linked to a Maintenance Service or a Complete Service. Note that the dismantling and reassembly operations are entrusted to our experienced watchmakers and the polishing will be carried out by an expert in this art. 

Details of the operations undertaken before polishing: 

• Complete dismantling of the case, (case band, case back, bezel, crystal and seals) and storage of the  movement, dial, hands and crown

• Dismantling the bracelet

Details of the polishing operation: 

Depending on the metal used in the case and the condition of the surface, the work to be undertaken can vary. Baume & Mercier polishers receive regular training in adapting their polishing techniques to the work required. 

Preparation: The piece is prepared for polishing on a specific bench grinder, using a hard "felt" brush and an abrasive paste selected according to the metal and the condition of the surface. 

Polishing: the work now continues with a softer brush and a finer, less aggressive abrasive to smooth out the surface and remove the traces of the initial treatment. 

Buffing: this is performed with a soft brush and a carefully chosen paste. A high degree of skill is required to remove all the imperfections and restore the shine of the case. 

For surfaces requiring a satin finish instead of polishing, a special brush is used and no buffing is carried out. 

Each component to be polished is treated individually according to its needs, then washed with ultrasound to remove all traces of paste. When dry, it is visually inspected by an expert watchmaker. 

Note that polishing removes a layer of material. Our specialists always try to remove as little material as possible, but please remember that frequent polishing eventually affects the overall shape of a case (especially a gold case), and a deep scratch or a dent caused by a fall onto a hard surface will be difficult to remove. 

Once the polishing operations are completed, the movement, dial, hands and bracelet are reassembled by one of our qualified watchmakers and the watch is systematically given a visual check. 


Following the standards of the Maison, each Baume & Mercier bracelet is made to match the exact dimensions of the model it is designed for.  It will be a perfect fit for your watch while enhancing its personality. We therefore recommend replacing a worn bracelet with another Baume & Mercier bracelet to ensure a perfect fit with your watch and preserve its original  aesthetic appeal.

Please note we advise you not to remove a metal bracelet or a leather strap yourself. In the vast majority of cases, the tool employed is unsuitable in itself or used in an inappropriate way. This can seriously damage the case or one of the horns of your watch. Leather straps are components considered as "consumables," and their service life is not unlimited. Baume & Mercier leather straps are manufactured to very strict specifications, using the best leather on the market. Their service life depends on a number of unquantifiable factors. Factors that aggravate wear include: 

• High humidity (tropical climates)

• High level of perspiration

• Sea water or pool water

• Excessive turning or bending of the wrist

• Unsuitable or non-original buckles

• A high level of abrasion (e.g. leather rubbing on a jewel with a sharp surface)

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We recommend a Maintenance Service for your watch approximately every three years. Following the diagnosis, the watch needs to be fully dismantled although the movement is running perfectly and does not require any attention. This service is generally proposed if the watch is no longer water-resistant, if components such as the crystal, bezel and crown need to be changed, or if polishing has been requested. In a Maintenance Service, all the seals are systematically replaced to ensure the water-resistance of the case.   

A Maintenance Service includes the following  operations: 

• Dismantling  the watch

• Replacing all gaskets and battery (systematically)

• Replacing other worn pieces if necessary:

- Steel crowns and screws, … (included in the service)

- Crystal, push-buttons, … (invoiced separately)

• Ultra-sound cleaning of the case and metal bracelet

• Reassembling the watch

• Checking the movement and adjusting it, if necessary

• Closing the case back

• Checking water-resistance

• Testing the movement for 48 hours

• Checking and adjusting the bracelet and clasp

• A final functional and aesthetic check

All work carried out in a Maintenance Service is accompanied by an additional 12 month warranty.

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A Complete Service may be recommended following the diagnosis if the movement is no longer working properly and needs attention.This operation, supervised by a qualified watchmaker, should be carried out every five years. It includes the following operations:

• Dismantling the watch

• Overhauling the movement: dismantling, cleaning, reassembling (with repair if necessary) and oiling

• Replacing all gaskets and battery (systematically)

• Replacing other worn pieces if necessary:

- Steel crowns and screws, … (included in the service)

- Hands, crystal, push-buttons, dial, … (invoiced separately)

• Polishing the case (and metal bracelet) only for watches in steel or yellow/red gold

• Ultra-sound cleaning of the case and metal bracelet

• Reassembling the watch

• Checking the movement and adjusting it, if necessary

• Closing the case back

• Checking water-resistance

• Testing the movement for 48 hours

• Checking and adjusting the bracelet and clasp

• A final functional and aesthetic check

All work carried out in a Complete Service is accompanied by an additional 12 month warranty.

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Our watchmakers regularly put their great expertise and enthusiasm at your service to bring even the oldest pieces to life. Our philosophy: no Baume & Mercier watch is beyond repair. Sometimes the emotional value of the piece concerned is more than its market value, and the repair may cost several times its purchase price. But when it is the watch of a much-loved relative, or it commemorates an important event, the cost is not an issue. What is the oldest piece ever sent to us for refurbishing? It is a watch made in 1870 and bought by a collector. However, most of the watches we receive date from the post-war period. They are completely dismantled and repaired, even if this involves re-manufacturing certain parts! 

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If you are fortunate enough to own an iconic* Baume & Mercier watch, you can have it serviced free of charge in the 5 years following the date of purchase. Its movement will be given a general check-up and the watch will be polished**. If you would like an extra service to put your watch in perfect running order, we will be happy to do this for you***. These services are available only at a Baume & Mercier After-Sales Service Center. This service is independent of the Baume & Mercier International Warranty you received when purchasing your watch.

* Here is the list of Baume & Mercier emblematic watches:

Clifton 10306Clifton 10060 / Clifton 10195 / Clifton 10143 / Clifton 10253

Capeland 10006 / Capeland 10007 / Capeland 10068 / Capeland 10106 / Capeland 10107 / Capeland 10134 / Capeland 10135 / Capeland 10136 / Capeland 10233

Hampton 10093 / Hampton 10025 / Hampton 10032 / Hampton 10033

Linea 10090 / Linea 10091 / Linea 10092 / Linea 10017 / Linea 10118 / Linea 10119

Promesse 10265 / Promesse 10165 / Promesse 10166 / Promesse 10199 / Promesse 10200

**To benefit from this special service you must present the document explaining the service, together with proof of the purchase date such as the sales receipt or the Baume & Mercier International Guarantee (or Limited Guarantee or Australian Guarantee) . It is imperative to present these documents in order to benefit from this special service.

***Any supplementary service will be invoiced separately (including but not limited to: replacing elements of the case and replacing a leather strap.)



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Here you will find all the information concerning a Battery Service, Maintenance Service or a Complete Service.

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